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    Log into an event receiver


      Does anyone know what credentials to use in order to log directly into the event receiver?


      I went to my KVM > went to the reciever > hit Alt+F2


      I used root and NGCP as the usernames


      I tried using the default security password, and an my NGCP password.


      My recievers are on version 9.3.2




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          Scott Taschler

          The user ID will be "root".


          Password would have been set at the time you keyed the Receiver to your ESM.



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            Holy ****!


            Thank you so much. You have no idea how much time you just saved me.


            I think its proper to give some context to this question for just in case someone else runs into this issue.


            As a result of doing some testing, I ended up deleting one of my recievers. I was not able to simply re-add the reciever through the wizard. I called support and the told me I had to follow the instructions of the KB article below to run a recovery CD.




            Once this part is done I would have had to boot to the CD or USB stick and run the command below:


            cat /etc/NitroGuard/factory-id_rsa.pub > /root/.ssh/authorized_keys2


            Luckily I was still able to ssh to the reciever, I just wasnt sure what the credentials were. Once I was able to use the root credentials specified in the answer, I was able to run the comand above, and re-add the reciever.


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              Hi Scott,


              I added Mcafee event Receiver within the ESM, but can not generate device and password key. See the error screen, please. Any suggestion?