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    Can McAfee endpoint protection help me recover my data?


      My product is actually the HP ProtectTool which I am aware that McAfee does not support  so my question is this:


      Can a tool within the endpoint protection help me recover data that was encrypted with HP ProtectTool?

      In some some forums there are notes about a tool called WinTech that might help?


      The problem is easy but hard to solve. I have a HDD which is encrypted. All passwords are at hand but windows

      does not load properly on this drive making it impossible to decrypt and access this HDD.

      So its a catch 22. You need windows to start to decrypt the drive......piece of sh..t.


      I tried to use HP tools on an extra bootable win 7 drive and then I hoped that I could decrypt the encrypted drive.

      This did not work the HP ProtectTools cannot see an external drive and access data.

      Even when talking to HP enterprise support there is no answer at all.


      We will now in our small company , 40 employees, turn away from HP when it comes to  their  data protection tool due to this issue.


      So is there a tool from McAfee we can buy to help us out in this dilemma?

      Decrypt a drive that was encrypted with HP-PT last year, version 5 or 6 powered by McAfee.





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          Hi Fredrik,


          We (SaaS Endpoint Protection) do not have the feature to decrypt a drive which was encrypted with HP-PT.




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            bild (1).JPG

            Steps to Retrieve Data Encrypted with2011 Drive Encryption for ProtectTools (vers. 6.x)


            Ifthe computer system does not boot, and displays a message similar to “McAfeeEndpoint Encryption. Fatal Error: [0xEE020002]” or “pePC has been corrupted –ERROR 92h” on a hard drive encrypted with 2011 Drive Encryption forProtectTools, there is a tool can be used to attempt to retrieve data from thehard drive.



            DiskTech 2011 tool isprovided “As Is” by Hewlett Packard Company and McAfee, Inc. Neither HewlettPackard nor McAfee provide any warranties either explicit or implied that anyencrypted files can be retrieved using DiskTech 2011 or any other tool.


            Prior to encryptingany data, the user is advised to utilize backup utilities and perform frequentbackups of their data to secure media.



            You musthave access to the backup encryption key (.dat file typically saved to a USB)and have the DiskTech2011.iso (ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/caps-softpaq/TCE&Q/DiskTech2011.iso) burned to a CD.


            • Before attempting to boot from the DiskTech2011 CD, you will need to go into the notebook BIOS and temporarily switch thedrive controller to IDE mode (F10>System Configuration>Device Configurations>SATADevice Mode). You will be asked to confirm this change to the DriveController, click the Confirm button to do so. A blue screen error (BSOD) will occurduring boot if the drive controlled is set to any value other than IDE.


            1. 1.      Boot from the Make sure the USB keycontaining your recovery key and any other external USB storage devices areattached to a USB 2.0 port (not USB SS port) before powering on.
            2. 2.      After booting, select whether or not to startnetwork support (probably no for most users).
            3. 3.      Click "Go" at bottom left.
            4. 4.      Select Programs>McAfee EETech.
            5. 5.      Click "HP".
            6. 6.      Navigate to the recovery key on your USBkey.  Select "Open".  (If the encrypted drive is notmountable, it is here where you will usually receive an error)
            7. 7.      The drive should now be mounted.  Youcan leave the Authentication window open.
            8. 8.      Click "Go".
            9. 9.      Select Programs>A43 File ManagementUtility.
            10. 10.    You should now be able to access the files onyour drive and move them to an external device.


            • When finished, don't forget to go back intothe BIOS and change the controller back to AHCI mode.


            Thefiles on the hard drive are still encrypted when this retrieval process iscompleted, and you will not be able to boot from this hard drive unless it isrebuilt. You may choose to store the hard drive in a secure location for futureaccess to the files remaining on it. The files on the hard drive will not beaccessible except through the DiskTech 2011 tool.


            Youmay choose to rebuild the operating system on the computer using OEM disks, orentering the HP Recovery Manager by pressing the F11 key during the bootprocess (if the recovery partition remains on the machine).


            • If the hard drive is formatted (byHP Recovery Manager or using the Quick Format feature on the OEM setup disks),all files on the hard drive will be wiped, and will no longer be accessiblethrough any method.



            Ifthe data cannot be retrieved using the DiskTech 2011 tool, you may send your systemto Hewlett Packard. HP may be able to retrieve the data through more intensedata retrieval methods. However, HP cannot guarantee that any data can beretrieved from the hard drive. You must contact HP Support for instructions toship your system.






            This made me access the drive from outside... If this tool was not made by McAfee I cannot judge

            Now I am happy Very happy


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