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    MVM Update Manager not updating




      I am currently trying to eval MVM (along with a few other products). I have MVM installed and I am able to scan and report without problem. However, I am not getting any updates to the vulnerability signatures or the product. I am stuck at MS12-XXX and MVM 7.5. Searching the web I see MVM is up to at least 7.5.3 and I know there has to be 100s of signatures not in the database.


      I have launched the FSupdate application and left it running for several days, I have rebooted the system several times. I am still not getting any updates. Do I need a username, password and grant number to get these updates?


      I called support and was transferred to sales, I have now been on hold for 48 minutes to speak with someone.


      How to get the updates so that I can properly compare MVM to other solutions.