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    McAfee and Ad Aware?


      Ok, It's a pretty simple question most likely but I have Mcafee total protection and have ad Aware. Having Ad Aware as well will most likely slow my computer down and I should look to uninstall it correct?




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          If you are talking about "Ad-Aware Free", it has been ommited from being compatible with McAfee. Running (2) Realtime Antivirus RTS Modules can indeed slow your computer down, in addition conflict with each other causing you to be infected.


          Please look at the link I am sending you. It can be found under "Ex_Brit,s" Profile. There are superb (Free) tools you can safely utilize as an "On Demand Scanner" that will cause no compromising of your computer,s function, and will not effect McAfee.


          My Favourite being "Malwarebytes Antimalware" ( The Free Version )


          Merry Christmas,



          In other words...Yes you need to uninstall "AdAware"

          In addition, make certain you are current and up to date with all of your Windows Updates, to include Internet Explorer 11.

          Even if it is not your (Default) Browser. McAfee, Windows, even other Browsers depend on it to function properly.


          Grrrrr...Sorry. Here is the link...



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            Hi bleacherbum099,


            You need to remove the Ad Aware AV product as it causes conflict with McAfee. Anti-VIrus programs are powerful applications which are designed to fight/protect against malware/hackers.


            If there are two AV programs installed It will cause System instability and several problems arise.

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              Yes, Ad Aware isn't recommended but some 3rd party tools are OK.  See the last link in my signature below.


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                Okay thanks guys this was very helpful.

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                  You are Perfectly welcome   I am certain both Ex_ Brit and Selvan speak the same, as their knowledge

                  goes "Way beyond mine"





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                    Back. I forgot to add I also have Norton Internet security on this computer. I should remove that as well correct?



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                      By all means, in order for your McAfee Anti Virus application to function properly

                      YES....You need to remove Norton Internet Security. As Selvan and Ex_Brit clearly

                      stated: "If there are (2) AV programs are installed, it could cause System instability

                      and other problems could arise.


                      I am only a McAfee Consumer like you. However Selvan is a (Tier Tech 2.5), and Ex_Brit being

                      a (Community Moderator). Trust me...they know best.


                      Remove from Program/Features/Add/Remove/ Restart.

                      Let windows fully load, and I recommend following up by running the "Norton Removal Tool"

                      for your specific Version/Restart.


                      This should remove any remaining remnants/ files that may have been left over.

                      It might be beneficial to run MVT  afterwards, and check if by chance having both

                      Norton-McAfee running simultaneously..caused any issues with your McAfee Software.


                      I am surprised there has been no issues already.

                      The other Superb Free Tools listed below Ex_Brit,s Profile, are compatible because they have no

                      RTS Module running.

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                        I'm surprised that McAfee would even install with Norton onboard but there you go.  Remove any competing antivirus as running two could actually open you up to infection.


                        Remove Norton via Control Panel > Programs and then run their removal tool:  https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/current/solutions/kb20080710133834EN_En dUserProfile_en_us and reboot.

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                          Mcafee is good right though? What is the best option? 


                          And Thanks for the help.. Will do.


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