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    Citrix easy access desktop not working with McAfee Security Center


      About 3 weeks ago I was able to use Citrix easy access desktop (EAD) to gain access to my at work desktop to check my emails and such but now I can't open Citrix EAD. I can get to the point of clicking the link as I always have but it only shows that its loading for about 3 seconds, sometimes a "running antivirus software" pops up at the bottom of the screen and then in 3 seconds its gone, and no window pops up for the EAD. I tried switching to compatibility mode on internet explorer 11 which is up to date but nothing works. I also tried using FireFox, Chrome, and Safari and had even worse results and couldn't get as far as I did before. I even tried calling IT at work and they couldn't help me. The problem seems to be with McAfee as I noticed one other person was having this problem on the forum but no solution was given. Anyone have any ideas?