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    Abnormal Antivirus Plus Behaviour


      Hi out there.


      The reason I've joined this community is because I'm slightly worried about my Antivirus Plus (AVP) software in that when I turn my pc on, my start-up programmes initiate,my computor connects to the internet but my AVP takes a few minutes to come on line ( a minute or  maybe two). During this period I can see the McAfee symbol in the Toolbar but it looks slighly distorted. I go to the Vista's Control Panel and check if my security is on and it isn't. It says my computer is not protected. Then after a min or two the McAfee symbol in the Toolbar changes to a normal symbol. I am then able to open the Antivirus software which tells me my computer is protected. And Vista confirms my computer is now protected.


      I have tested the AVP using the Virtual Technician which says all is fine.


      BUT I'm worried my pc is not protected for a crucial few mintues when it first turns on, I'm worried that the my AVP is deceiving me and may have been infected itself.


      Does anyone recognise these AVP symptons/behaviours and, if they do, is it acting normally or is something not right?


      Thank you for any responses?

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          Peter M

          Is Vista totally up to date, SP2, IE9 etc.?   I mention IE9 because the McAfee interface relies on IE but it doesn't have to be your default browser.


          Slow startup can be due to a number of things and probably the best people to troubleshoot that would be Technical Support, it's free of charge and available by phone or online chat.


          See Useful Links at the top of this page.

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            Thank you Ex-Brit. The only "important" update not loaded yet is Net. Framework 4. 5.1, other than that I'm up to date. And yep, IE is 9.


            I'll try and get some help via chat initially I think , cheers.

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              Peter M

              That shouldn't be an issue as I doubt the software uses it anyway, but I can't be sure.  Good luck with support then ;-)

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                I've got the same issue with the pixellated MCShield sprite in the task tray. It takes several minutes for it to "warm up", and for some reason if it's disrupted by another process the Action Center won't acknowledge McAfee. Typically I'll just step out, let my thing revv up, and get a cup of coffee while I'm out. If anything, it might be connected to a number of startup tasks also slowing down its response.


                FYI, this is with .NET 4.5 and IE11 working like charms.


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                  Peter M

                  It shouldn't be the case.  Technical Support should help with this.

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                    Thanks conductorwho. Do you not think though  that while McAfee "warms up" or while the Action Center waits to acknowledge, your pc is vulnerable? Certainly, in my case, I am not comfortable watching my Vista Security showing red "not protected" messages while my Antivirus Plus panel says all is well and Network  Connection blue light shows internet traffic.


                    I've discovered I can set the AVP to stop internet connection on Start-up so I've applied that while I wait for a chance to get chat help from McAfee. There were four people before me last night and I didn't have time to wait.


                    But Ex Brit and conductorwho, thanks for your feedback.