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    New EPO server, same ip address as old new server name, unable to upgrade agent


      Hi all


      A question for you all


      I have an EPO installation EPO 4.5 (old server)

      New server running EPO 5.1


      Below whats been done on new EPO 5.1

      Then built a new server where i have had EPO 5.1 installed

      Using a new DB instance, old EPO used a SQL express, new fully licensed SQL on seperate SQL server

      This new server will have same IP-address as the old one but server name is different


      From system tree My Org -> synchronization type -> Active Directory, imported my structure

      I can then see my AD and machines, of course unmanaged

      Then when I put my new server live and disable old one machines are getting in to my new EPO and seen as managed


      Problem now is that im not able to deploy an agent from new server to upgrade agents, access denied on clients

      I then imported Security keys from old server to new one, still unable to deploy agent

      Reason to deploy agent is that i like to have them upgraded from 4.0 to 4.8


      All policies and settings has been transfered over to new EPO server


      If I would change back and have old server active i can deploy latest version of agent without any issues


      Shouldnt this just simply work? Or do i have to import something else or change any configuration

      I also disabled Agent-to-server-communication secure port on new EPO sever

      All help most welcome