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    Intel® Anti-Theft Service has been discontinued


      mcafee going to lock me out of my laptop for good?  Dont want this rubbish, how do I get a refund and get rid of the mcafee from my laptop without being locked out?


      We’re sorry to announce that the Intel® Anti-Theft Service has beendiscontinued, so at the end of your subscription term you will not have anoption to extend it. We will un-enroll your device after your subscription hasexpired. For more information click here.

      We apologise for any inconvenience,

      Intel® Anti-Theft Service - Account Services

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          Peter M

          Your device was probably protected by the original version of Anti-Theft which was purely Intel branded or you had a trial version.  Since Intel took over McAfee the sofware has been upgraded and is now under the McAfee umbrella.


          Support is available here:  http://www.intel.com/support/services/anti-theft-svc/sb/CS-032771.htm (Australia has 24/7 toll-free support)  or someone from support will post here soon, as they do patrol these forums, but when I can't guarantee.


          Meanwhile there are several FAQ's here for all the McAfee products which may help you.  http://service.mcafee.com/FAQSearch.aspx?lc=3081&sg=TS&pt=1


          It can be deactivated and the software uninstalled, however the AT chip is built-in by Intel and can't be removed and could prove useful should the laptop be stolen or lost.






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            Dont think i paid intel:



            Thank you for your McAfee purchase.


            Information on your purchase can be found by accessing MyAccount Info at: http://home.mcafee.com/Root/MyAccount.aspx?culture=EN-AU&affid=969


            Details of your purchase appear below.Please save thisemail as a confirmation of your purchase.



            Order #: PL1308135018

            Date: Monday, 24 June 2013


            Intel® Anti-Theft Service - 1-year subscription : A$29.95Total Price: A$29.95




            AND the email they sent says "

            Re: Intel® Anti-Theft Service has been discontinued'


            thats pretty black and white,


            What happens to my laptop?  Ff it got locked out I was able to login and unlock it with a code....  Now its discotinued and...... no news from mcafee on how to unlock etc.....

            This is why I say away from security firms like mcafee.


            poor form.


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              Peter M

              There must be a glitch or else the version you have needs to be upgraded but I'm afraid I don't know.  That 24/7 phone support would help.  Until someone from support spots this thread it's your best chance of a quick solution..


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                Peter M

                I've sent an email to a contact in support, but I can't guarantee when it will be acted upon.  Sorry but I'm just an unpaid volunteer here.

                • 5. Re: Intel® Anti-Theft Service has been discontinued

                  Hi dajoker,


                  From my records am able to see that you have your device enrolled with AT service. The expiry date being 24 June 2014 after which you will not be able to renew the Anti Theft Subscription.


                  You need to un-enroll the device from AT service before expiry to prevent auto-lock of the system. The service is un-usable post expiry. You may contact McAfee Tech Support for assistance in un-enrolling the device.


                  Note: You can use the Service until expiry of the subscription.

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                    Peter M

                    Just a thought here. also make sure that the system clock is accurate....the fact that it said "has been discontinued" and what Selvan has just posted makes me wonder if that may be the culprit.

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                      Many thanks to the volunteers and support here, this is not in anyway aimed at them.


                      I just find it strange and rude that a company would stop a product, and offer no replacement given that the AT technology is in most current laptops.


                      Its also very poor form that we have to unenroll devices (god know how many times mcafee software has broken something by uninstalling), or loose access to it all together.


                      NOOONE would buy a padlock that had a key made of ice that would randomly melt oneday.


                      this product is a fraud and mcafee should be offering money back.

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                        Hi dajoker


                        Sorry that you felt bad about McAfee AT discontinuation. Please note that McAfee AT was not sold to any of the Customers (New Connection) after the decision to Discontinue service was implemented. I will ping my higher level techs to answer you here..!



                        • 9. Re: Intel® Anti-Theft Service has been discontinued
                          Peter M

                          The higher level techs should know but maybe the version of MAT that you have is discontinued.  If it is indeed the Intel version then that is correct.   But they will explain it better I am sure.

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