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    I need advice about scheduling on demand scans


      I want to run an on demand scan across all my enterprise servers.  I am using EPO 4.6.

      I have created the appropriate client task (for VSE8.7). I assigned the task to the subgroup containing the first  90 servers that I want to scan.  I marked the schedule as "run once"  gave it a starting time, and said randomize 3 hours.   IT seemed pretty straightforward, but it has been 24 hours now, and only 16 of the servers have actually been scanned.  When I look at the virus scan console  and the log on  servers that have not yet started scanning, I can see my task listed but not started yet.

      I am thinking that perhaps I don't understand how the randomization works. I though that 3 hours would mean it started all 90 scans spread a few minutes apart over a 3 hour period. Is this correct?  If so, does anyone have a clue why this is taking so long?