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    DLP Policy Manager isn't loading




      I'm having some issues with McAfee DLP Policy Manager.

      2 weeks ago, I added some rules like Removable storage device and it was working. I could access the DLP Policy Menu.


      Since 4 days, the rules are still working but I can't access the DLP Policy Menu and I don't know why.

      When I try to access it via Menu -> Data Protection -> DLP Policy, the following message appears: "Please wait while McAfee DLP Policy Manager is loading..." but nothing is happening.


      I don't know how to solve this problem.


      I'm using the following OS/Softwares/Extensions:


      Windows 7 64-bit

      ePolicy Orchestrator v5.0.1.228

      Data Loss Prevention v9.3.0.617

      McAfee Agent v4.8.0.333

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          The first thing to spring to mind is that Windows Update has install IE11 and broke DLP Policy Manager. If so then look in Add/Remove Programs under 'updates' and uninstall it. IE will then revert to the previous working version.


          many thanks


          Chris Norris

          Global Support Engineering Operations