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    Stop SafeTech Decryption - possible?


      I started decryption of a laptop using a SafeTech boot cd yesterday evening and progress is now at 7% after more than 12 hours.


      Based on entries I already read here, guess I should not have used SafeTech but rather WinTech to decrypt. But now that it's already running is there any way to stop and start over in WinTech?

      The Remove SafeBoot dialog has no cancel option, just Remove and Close, so it appears the only thing I could do is shutdown the laptop.


      I'm not running any force option or the like here, but still this seems to be the wrong way to go. Anything I can do, except leaving it running and coming back to it next year?


      Thx in advance for any hints.

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          Meanwhile I can answer my own question:


          I shutdown my laptop and restarted and everything seems to be back as it was, with encryption still in place, but the machine bootable and ok.


          So looks like, no harm done.

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            oh well - you're lucky :-)

            What was the reason for decryption using safetech (or wintech)?


            In generall you have different options to decrypt a disk - depending on what error/problem do you have (e.g. no PBA/pre boot authentication or damaged, or "only" windows not working): so in best case you could use wintech to mount your disk tranparently.

            Or, if you have to decrypt - then there is a normal/"soft" mode - that uses same logic as in normal operation (I guess you used this, as you where able to shutdown/reboot) - and a "hard"/brute sector by sector mode (that ignores if a sector is really encrypted or not). If you use this - I would really not recomment to break the process...