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    Update EEPC to 7.0.2; prevent loss of User assignement at Server Change (ePO 4.5.6 to ePO 4.6.6)?




      due to the EoL of EEPC 6.x we are in the need of Upgrading round about 1.000 Notebooks. In our testlab everthing works fine but the transfer of the UserAssignemnts for encrypted Notebooks.


      old ePO Server: 4.5.6 - EoL end of this year

      EEPC - EoL middle of april 2014


      new ePO Server 4.6.6



      Does anyone have a clue for this problem?


      The transfer itself works like a charm for Server, Workstations and Notebooks. So everything looks fine but when transferring encrypted Notebooks we are encountering the problem there is no DB-Transfer of UserAssignement. How are we supposed to reassign Users for more than 1.000 Notebooks? Does anyone have a clue for this without manual reassignement?