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    Client Task Commands and Assignments


      I have questions and comments about the clienttask.importClientTask command. This command imports client tasks from a given XML file.


      Unfortunately, this command overwrites all existing client tasks; and when those client tasks are overwritten, their assignments are lost. I would like to retain all existing client tasks and add one additional. I would simply export all existing client tasks to an XML file, using the clienttask.export command, modify the XML file to add my new client task, and import the new file using the clienttask.importClientTask command; however, all assignments are lost when doing so. I do not see ANY API commands involving assignments.


      1. Is there any way to import a new client task without overwriting the existing client tasks?


      2. Is there any way to import client tasks without losing existing assignments?


      3. Are there any API command that allow the exportation, importation, or addition of assignments?