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    ext.list Command

      I have questions and comments about the ext.list command. This command lists all currently installed extensions.


      The core.help command appears to list all available commands; however, it does NOT include the ext.list command. Execution of core.help?prefix=ext outputs "Error 0 : No commands with prefix 'ext' were found". Nonetheless, execution of core.help?command=ext.list DOES produce minimal output, giving a brief description of the ext.list command:


      1. Is this an officially supported command? Can it be added to the documentation?


      I would like to use the ext.install command to install an extension via a script, using the API in a silent, unattended operation; however, I would also like verify the version of the current extension before installing the new extension. I am able to see the version of the current extension using the ext.list?:output=verbose command; however, this output isn't formatted in a structured manner for machine readability. The ext.list?:output=terse command doesn't show version numbers. Unfortunately, the fields aren't differentiated with the ext.list?:output=xml command, and the full results for all extensions are simply printed between a single set of XML "result" tags. It may be possible to parse the output of the ext.list?:output=json command; but again, the various fields don't appear to be differentiated here.


      2. Are there any other options for outputting this data in a structured, machine readable format, with the various fields differentiated?


      3. Is there any way to filter this output to show only a specific extension? Perhaps there is a seperate, undocumented extension find or search command?

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          This isn't a public command, which means it doesn't implement the interface that the public commands use to get help, descriptions, and support the minimum required arguments (such as :output=json). 


          You'll have to use an external means to find the extension you're looking for; probably grep.


          jking@ .svn $ curl -qsk -u <user>:<pass> https://<system>:8443/remote/ext.list | grep EPOCore

          EPOCore          installed          ga          2013-12-18 09:52:51.097




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            Can this command can be exposed as public, and documented? McAfee Security Bulletins, such as SB10043, sometimes require an extension to be upgraded; and rather than providing all of our customers with a manual process, we would like to automate the process. In order to verify that the current version needs to be upgraded, I believe we need an API command. Is there some other public command capable of providing this information?


            I understand that an external method will be required to parse the output of the ext.list command. That answers my second question.


            I don't suppose you can tell me if there is another unexposed command that will allow me to search or find a specific extension, rather than listing them all? Perhaps there is a way to do this via an ad hoc query?