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    Activation not doing anything.


      I am currently trying to fix my husbands computer.  The other day I plugged his computer into the internet through the cable to check something out.  When I unplugged it the internet would no longer work through the wireless router.  This happened when we first set up the internet in our home and my husband believes we had to go into McAfee and change the settings, because there was something that was blocking the wireless internet connection.  I should say that we can connect to the network there is just no internet connect.  So anyway we went to open McAffee AuniVirus Plus but it would only show up as a blank white screen.  I found on the community the link to download the file that will fix this, and I did this and restart the computer.  Now it says that the computer is at risk and the we need to set up our McAfee software.  I click on setup and a screen pops up that shows "Activing your Product please wait while we connect to McAfee.com"  And the wheel is spinning but it doesn't do anything.  Eventually it disappears but nothing has happened.  Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?  So that we can get the wireless internet to work on his computer again.