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    Windows AD Account Lockout


      Does any one know what the Signature ID is for and acocunt being locked out? On my AD server i see that an account was locked out, but I do not see the event in the SIEM.


      To further expand on my question, I would like to create an AD Audit view within the ESM. My Manager would like to see all of the account lok outs, failed logins and things along those lines.


      I am not asking for someone t do this for me, but getting an idea of what the signature ID are would be helpful.





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          There are a couple of built-in dashboard views that you could use to get this information.  Under Complaince Views, select FISMA - Account Lockouts or 27002 - Account lockouts.  Another view under Complaince, is 27002 - All Domain Acct logon Failures..   Under Executive views, there is a Critical Authentication Issues view. That one will show more than account lockouts.

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            I suggest using Normalized IDs 405815296/18 and 405831680/18 as a filter on your domain controllers data to get acc locks & unlocks.

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