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    New EPO Server


      We have setup a new EPO 5.0 server and transferred the hosts from the EPO 4.6 server.

      We would like to shutdown the old 4.6 server sometime in the near future.

      What is the best way to catch the remaining hosts that are still yet to transfer over to the new 5.0 server ?

      Some of these hosts may be not on the domain  - so using the Rogue Sensor to deploy the agent to is not really an option.


      Is there a way to use a DNS alias, or is there a better option ?


      thanks in advance for your suggestions.



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          Last year I built a new server from scratch and migrated over from one to the other (so happy transfer systems existed at that point).  Anyway, the only way I figured out to help catch stragglers was to use a DNS alias.  It seemed to work just fine.