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    Updated (2) Engine Versions Today?


      Still on MSC/12.8.856, Anti-Virus 16.8.708, Mine has not "Upgraded to Build  MSC/12.8.903 Yet....


      Anywhatsoever, I noticed earlier this morning My Anti-Virus updated to (1742) , then suprisingly it updated to (1743) @1:59 pm.

      I,m accustomed to my Anti-Virus-Anti-Spam content to update (once)  each day. Normally there is only one Engine Version, per day?

      And the Anti-Spam ( Content) incrementally updates all throughout the day. But the Version remains the same.


      Ex_ Brit have you experienced the same today?  Did you recieve the additional update (1743) Could this be an (out of band Update-Fix) ?

      All is functioning properly...Just wondering?


      As Always, Thanks