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    Will EEPC 7.X support SSHDs


      Looking at purchasing some Dell Latitude 14 5000 with 500GB solid state hybrid drives (SSHD).  These have a SSD bonded to a traditional spindle drive.  Will EEPC encrypt this entire drive?



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          As long as it works like a normal Sata drive, eepc won't care.

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            MEE or EEPC used to have trouble working with SSD due to wear leveling algorithms when SSDs first hit the market. There is a KB article posted which covers this and specifically asserts that version 7 is ok with SSD: https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB66256


            However, we have noticed partial data corruption on some but not all SSHD (Hybird) drives in our organization,  which might be attributable to EEPC. SSHD uses the Flash memory as a cache that is not seen by the operating system. To my understanding, the algorithms for the flash memory cache are different than SSD wear leveling algorithms. I don't think we can simply dismiss the possibility of a problem just becayse an HD, SSD, or SSHD happens to have a SATA interface. It would be nice to see McAfee assert that SSHD are indeed supported.

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              For an "official" answer you would need to ask McAfee - this is a community.


              But since eepc does not go any deeper in the OS than standard filter drivers, it behaves the same regardless of the underlying storage.


              Any differences in behavior would have to come from a lower system like the hardware drivers or disk firmware itself.


              It's quite likely something like eepc would expose problems in underlying systems, but unlikely it's the root cause, or able to resolve those problems.


              Best to speak to your platinum support team, especially if you can reproduce.