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    ePO 4.6.6 Migration to new Server


      Hi Guys


      I am currently looking at Migrating my Current ePO 4.6.6 Application on to a new Server (Windows Server 2008 R2). Once Migrated and after ensuring all Tasks, Policies, System Tree, Queries, Dashboards etc are copied across and working successfully, I then plan to upgrade ePO to 5.1.


      I have gone through a similar Post ( https://community.mcafee.com/thread/39899 ) which is very helpful,  but decided to rather post my own discussion relevant to ePO 4.6, and so that I could repost any issues being experienced, in the hopes of recieving assistance.


      I am currently managing around 12000 Devices within the environment, VSE  and GTI being managed on ePO.


      My Plan is to run both ePO Servers in Parallel with each other, and I already have the second SQL Instance created.



      (My new ePO Server will have a new Hostname and IP, and I will be using a new SQL Instance as well. )


      I planned to carry this out as below:


      1. Have the SQL Team backup the current ePO DB (as below) and to restore the backup on the new SQL Instance.

      • KB59562 - How to back up the ePO database using OSQL commands
      • KB52126 - How to back up and restore the ePO database using Enterprise Manager/ Management Studio


      2. From my Current ePO Server backup the File system as per article ( https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB71078 ) as well as Objects and Data as per ePO 4.6.0 Product guide Pg 110 - 111.


      3. On the new 2008 R2 Server install a fresh copy of ePO 4.6.6 ensuring all patching hotfixes etc match up to the current epo Application with VSE 8.8.849 as well as GTI


      4. Copy all the Backups as per point 2 above onto the new Server.


      5. Lastly Copy the Keys across to the new Server,  and take the Old Server Offline to test. ( My understanding is once the keys have been copied across, all end point Agents will automatically talk to the new Server (Please confirm)).


      I would really apprecaite any assistance from anybody that has done this type of Migration before, or who could perhaps point me in the right direction in regards to any relevant documentation that would assist in getting this done right.


      Thanks again guys.


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          I'm in the midst of this as well.  Our old ePO has a lot of cruft and outdated software and extensions on it and we wnated to start rather clean, and do VSE and agent upgrades in the process.  We opted to push an agent from teh new ePO server to pull in  the existing machines off the old server.  It would work they said.  It would be fun they said.


          Your plan of sharing keys across sounds like a way better experience.


          However one tip I learned too late from a guy I met at FOCUS that does a lot of ePO migrations ... he was a big fan of agent handlers, regardless of site size.    He described using agent handlers as a level of indirection between the ePO and the endpoints, and somehow with key exchange and the like, he has a fabulous conversion rate with migrations as the endpoints really don't talk to a different box, it's just that hte agent handlers learn o fhte new ePO server, and when the old one goes away, life is apparently good.  I won't pretend to know the ins and outs of it, but his prediction of a 5% failure rate  doing the way of pushing new agents from the new ePO server turned out to be quite true and painful. 


          I'm not sure if file system backups are going to do you much good other than as a fallback.   Policy exports I think would be quite a bit more helpful, assuming you're happy with the policies you have.     Those are done from the policy catalog.


          Good luck in your migration.  They aren't much fun.  Oh, before rushing to ePO 5.1 -- be careful to check whether your app mix even supports it yet.  A lot of products don't yet have a 5.1 compatible solution as I recall.   There's a KB on it somewhere.


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            do you have only one ePO? check out this way: http://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB71078

            The nice thing about this is you'll be able to test your new installation etc and still have your production environmnt in place.

            I think there's also mentioned how to move the db - but in short ist just like


            - install ePO 4.6.6 on the new server with new db

            - stop services etc

            - delete the new db (yes ;-) ) - and restore the db / backup from your production server to the new sql sever to same db name (ePO4_old_server) or new name (ePO4_new_server). Just remeber to have the same logon/password for the new db as for production. You may have to change db.properties depending on the above (mentioned in the KB)

            - doing the steps like in KB - copy files, altering paths etc


            So - if everything is working file you'll have everything in place - even the last events etc. (AND KEYS!)

            To move agents from old server to new you could do the classical "transfer agents to different epo I think" (never tested) - or go to production ePO > agent handlers > (there should only be one) > in the properties there should be sth like "published DNS name / IP" - you can change this to your new DNS name / IP. Let both systems run for a while (and see what clients did't update "last connected" status on the new server)


            btw: Any pro / cons for transfer vs. "my" way?

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