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    Lost & Found Computers


      We had migration from Windows XP and Windows 7 client machines. When the computers got reimage, the hostname/comutername is retain and local IT reset the account on AD.


      Once this machines with new operating system checks in to ePO, it falls under the Lost & Found and the old machine which is Windows XP is still on the same properties.


      Is ePO have an option to avoid this situation? To avoid newly installed machines populate the Lost & Found directory where there are no deployment and policy set


      Thanks in advance

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          It'll look like a new machine to ePO as it will have a new GUID I believe.  


          To pre-populate them into ePO (in 4.6.6 anyway), you can do that in System tree>   New Systems (bottom left of screen)> Import systems from a text file (group name) but do not push agents.   But that'll require some interlock from the folks building the systems.


          What the environment I'm most familiar with does is check the lost and found daily and move them where they need to be.  


          I believe there's something with AD that can also be done, but I'd defer to someone who's done that to say more.