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    MVT crashes after installation


      The crash has happened twice in succession, after installation. Click to start it running and - crunch.


      MVT crash.PNG

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          Peter M

          People are also reporting that it tells them their system clock is wrong.  Bala seems to think there's an issue with it currently.

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            I believe the system time check and the above crash are two different things.


            The time check is the same check that has been used for a long time as part of the pre-install checks. As of Dec 12, it is now also a part of our Top Issues check for MSC, to address some issues that can arise. The time check only triggers if the time is more than 60 minutes out of sync for a world time server ,


            For the crash, how far in the scan does it get before it crashes? I think it might be the same as another crash that has started very recently.

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              Crashes at the very start of the scanning process. First it has to download and install the latest version of MVT, so it's already gone through a number of steps.


              Specifically :

              - Definitions + Accept / Decline

              - Installing MVT (download core.cab)

              - Ah. A different one. "Installation failed".


              I will uninstall MVT and start again from the beginning.


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                Re the time check culd it be daylight saving time not being noted correctly by the PC of the world server?

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                  Uninstalled, re-installed. It got to the start phase, a window with a 'Launch' button. Click the button, and it crashed again (for the 3rd time).

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                    For the crash, I'll need someone from the MVT technical team to weigh in. I've already sent a mail.


                    For the time server, we are using http://www.worldtimeserver.com/, which should take all of the daylight savings rules into account.


                    If there are issues with it though, Bala should bring it through the standard internal channels for reporting a problem.

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                      If anyone wants them I have 2 log files from the last crash - MVTInstaller.log and drwtsn32.log

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                        Hello Chris,

                        I have raised a separate discussion on this time server issue. Please see

                        McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT) reports a problem with computer's date and time


                        It is really strange. I visited the site you mentioned: http://www.worldtimeserver.com/,

                        And it reports the correct time, as does my PC.

                        But MVT (version insists on this error message:


                        Product Name:SecurityCenter
                        Product Version:12.8.856
                        Health Check Details
                                          Registry                                       OK                    
                                          File                                       OK                    
                                          Process                                       OK                    
                                          Service                                       OK                    
                                          COM                                       OK                    
                                          Top Issues                 1 Top Issue(s)                      
                                                      Top Issue:  Problem: Your computer's date and/or time is not correct, which may cause issues with McAfee products. Your computer's date and time will be corrected.
                                                      KB URL:
                                          SYSTEM                                       OK                    


                        Although MVT says the error will be corrected, it is not corrected. Each call of MVT brings the very same result!

                        Any idea what to do to get this problem resolved?



                        Michael (Hamburg, Germany, UTC+1)

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                          They are we hear looking into this and another issue.

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