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    Error while installing Linxshld1700 on RedHat Linux Device (EM7)


      I am receiving the following error while installing LinuxShield from ePO server:

      "Error occured while installing LINXSHLD1700."

      "Generating update event:EventID=2412:Severity=4:ProductID=LYNXSHLD1700:Locale=0409:UpdateType=Ins tall:UpdateError=-1=NewVersion=1."


      I setup a deployment task for Linux Shield from ePO.  Task has run successfully on all previous RedHat Linux devices.  This is a ScienceLogic EM7 machine running a stripped down version of RedHat Linux and i am not sure if that has something to do with it or if I am missing something in my configuration.  I configured the firewall on this linux device to allow required ports for proper communication with ePO and it seems to be communicating properly; ports opened are 7,591,8005, and 8082.  This was enough for other LInux devices.  Does anyone know why i am receiving installation problems for this specific device type?  What else could i be missing.  Btw, SELinux is disabled.  Thanks.