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    McAfee and Windows Defender

      Countless leads followed on the internet still leave my issue unresolved (this is my first visit to this site).



      system is Windows - Vista

      32 bit

      restore functionality has been on

      both Windows Defender & McAfee were functional at same time for a time.

      Defender is a part of the Vist software, so I can't uninstall it separately.


      Current problem:

      Windows Defender when manually started now gives an error: 0x80070006. Handle invalid.

      Upon boot up, I additionally now get an obnoxious error that Windows blocked "a program" (guess what it is)

      I can't turn Defender off through Security; get the above listed error.


      I have read that McAfee disables Defender.  Also read that contrary to some, both can run without a problem.

      I don't know how long Defender has been "disabled", if McAfee disabled it, some Microsoft update caused it or whatever.

      Restore points are too close to the above observations, so restoring is useless at this point. Don't know if some update from McAfee is the source either.


      Need to methodically trouble shoot and resolve the issue.

      Uninstall updates from MS is not a good starting point because MS is just MS.


      Would like to know HOW to go through steps in McAfee to get Defender back on and then decide what to do next.

      Somebody out there has to have had a similar experience. I started going down so many paths that were fruitless and seemed like guess work.

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