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    View import issues - unsupported file versions




      I have been exchanging Views with another organisation without problems. We have both upgraded our implementations and I'm on 9.3.1 and the other organisation is on 9.3. Views generated on the 9.3 system can be imported into the 9.3.1 system but a View exported from the 9.3.1 system cannot be imported into the 9.3 system.


      We have tried to round trip a View - export from 9.3, import to 9.3.1, export it from 9.3.1 and try to import it into 9.3 - with the same result, it fails.


      The error on the 9.3 system is - The selected file is not a supported version. Please select a new file to import. (ER1418)


      Does anyone know if this is expected behaviour? We have exchanged Views under 9.2 without this problem and I don't think we were on exactly the same versions then.






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