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    saas upgrade


      have 3 computers -- windows 7 & 8.1 computers did 6.0.2 Patch 2 upgrade sucessfully...but computer running Windows Server 2003 WHS,Build 3790,Service Pack 2 still running 5.1.0 Patch 1 and won't reschedule upgrade?  will it automatically upgrade or ???

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          Peter M

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            There is no upgrade versions beyond 5.1 for Home Server.


            Initially(up to version 5.1) the product was called as Total Protection Services(TPS) after which(ver 5.2) started to be called as SaaS Endpoint Protection.


            Also, TPS for WHS has reached End of life and support. The product might update but would never receive upgrades since June 2011.



            Maheson R

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              What are my options? 

              This program came with the server and I think it works (which is why I put it on other computers), but to be honest I am unsure WHY I need it on a machine that only stores files & backups from other computers already protected by McAfee...


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                One option could be to uninstall the 5.1 ver manually through "Add/Remove Programs" from control panel on the machine. Subsequently you can install the latest SaaS end point version through your security centre install protection option .


                Any machine that is on the network runs the risk of malicious file transfer either internally or through the web or even through zero day exploits through the 3rd party application(s) running on the system. So, its highly recommended to have endpoint enabled even on the system that you mentioned



                Chandan Kundapur