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    Internet Security 2014 broke my system


      I bought Internet Security 2014 after Thanksgiving and installed it on my system. Worst decision I ever made. After install my system slowed to a crawl. I cannot do anything for 30 minutes once I boot.

      I have to turn on the system when I get up and leave it running all day and night if possible. But the software will deactivate my internet access on the computer. I cannot get anywhere unless I reboot. It also runs the CPU time up. Worst Antivirus program I have ever owned. I had Trend Micro but the license ran out. I was going to buy it and got w hat I thoght was a good deal on this. Trend Micro gave me 0 problems and my system ran fine. I am currently uninstalling this on my primary computer. My other computers with out McAAfee work just fine. No problems. No loss of connection. No slow down.


      Very unhappy customer. Big loss of money here. I hope I can get my money back due to the problmes. We shall see tomorrow.