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    snmp firewall.


      Hi there,


      Does anyone can share information related to snmp.


      What does remote facility local7, local6, local5.... etc means and how is this information classified. Is this information only related to Firewall Reporter (which is end of life). Or does this remote facility has an interaction with (export audit to syslog server) ?


      In addition, under Audit Management, Firewall Reporter Syslog, --> export audit to syslog server, it could be turned on as always? I don't want to stress the firewall by sending this information to a syslog server. I've configured snmp on the firewall and I'm able to receive information via snmp from the firewall to an internet snmp server to read the information


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          The Remote Facility names are simply labels.  You can create different audit filters and have these sent to a syslog server with different facility names so that you can tell them apart via the syslog server software you are using.  They are only labels.


          You can send all the audit to a syslog server if you'd like.  It may overwhelm your syslog server, though.


          SNMP is different from syslog but you mentioned them both in your post.