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    Software signed with Verisign Certificated detected as False Positive ?  Artemis!B644E57BF8A1


      Goodmorning, we are a software development company and www.blophome.com is a product owned by the samecompany, Index Consulting, sl.


      Blophome is a free product to the end customer that is discharged through http://www.blophome.com/descarga-blophome.htmlspanish page (http://www.blophome.com/download-blophome.htmlenglish page), allows the virtual design ofinterior spaces (bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, offices, shops, ...).

      To function requires an Internet connection, because:

      1) Theproduct catalogs are downloaded directly from the server.

      2) Thehyper-realistic renderings are performed by our servers.


      Use pass by downloading a small application, compatible with Microsoft Windows, with which the user can draw their spaces and incorporate objects from the catalogs of products on our servers and once completed the project, obtain realistic pictures spaced performed.


      We have some users with McAfee AV that detect Blophome as malware, we don’t understand because.

      All Blophome EXE downloaded and which form the Customer Blophome solution, are SIGNED by Index Consulting, sl with Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity obtained / purchased from VERISIGN. On the other hand, their existence is contained in our records Data Protection.


      We appreciate that as an organization Blophome brought up to its White List, false positives and to the extent they can, help us rid of this problem that we are sure you will find some of our users and therefore hampers the development of Blophome.


      We look forward to your reply,




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