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    When will the RTTA go away?


      Man, I hate this thing... most of the time, it won't load at all (no error message).  Other times, I get a "Couldn't create virtual machine" and then I have to uninstall and reinstall Java.  This is all on a brand new Win 7 machine, and others on my team have the same issues.  Have tried the latest versions of java, as well as trying to stick to 7u21.  Nothing really seems to help.  Some days, RTTA will load, other days it simply won't.


      Anyone have any idea when we can get rid of this awful Java applet??

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          I should mention - I love McAfee NSP.  I think it's a great platform that does a good job.  I really enjoy using this product.  The Java thing is really frustrating though.  Once that is gone, this product will be amazing.

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            Hi Gene33.

            It is strange.


            I use Win7 32bit with Java 7 SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_45-b18) and Firefox 26 with NSM Have no issues.


            Do you have 32bit OS or 64bit ?

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              What NSM version are you using?


              Does the RTTA work every time if you use it directly on the NSM server?

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                The issue seems really random - some days it works fine, some days not.  I contacted support yesterday because I couldn't get it to work at all and they advised upgrading to which I did.  It has opened the couple of times I have tried it since then, so I'm hoping that sticks (though I'm not counting on it too much, I've had this issue off and on since the v6 days).  I will just be so happy when Java is gone!  This could all become moot though once we get Nitro-  that interface is awesome!!!