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      I have a DMZ network(192.168.x.x) with 3 x windows 2008 (web etc) .I use for my clients other subnet (172.16.x.x).

      i cant rdp from my laptop(172.16.x.x) to dmz network.

      I think i need to have permission under firewall rules which gives possibilitly to reach DMZ servers.


      How can i configure under firewall that my user name has a dmz network permission?



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          A Firewall rule allowing the port used by RDP (TCP/3389) from the zone containing your client machines (LAN/internal?) to the DMZ zone will allow these client machines to RDP to these servers.


          As there are two versions of the Firewall currently in support (v7 - and v8) which are slightly different - v7 uses "services" v8 uses "application", but the principle is the same for each.


          There isn't a default serivce definition for RDP in v7 so you will need to create this entry manually. I do believe there is an "RDP" application definition present in v8, but if not the same applies. Once the service/application has been defined you will then be able to create the firewall access rule.

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            i got it ,thank you for help