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    Uninstall of McAfee breaks IE 10 Image Preview

      Anybody know anything about this?  I had this happen on a brand new out of the box computer.  When I uninstall McAfee, IE 10 will not preview images searched for.  A reinstall of IE 10 does nothing so it must be removing something Windows 7 64 bit needs for the browser to work correctly.  I even tried downloading and installing IE 11.. it doesn't work either.  I tried this 3 times last night and each time it broke the browser.  It does not break Firefox..it continues to function correctly.  What do I need to do to remove McAfee without messing up my computer?

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          What exactly do you mean by Image Preview?  I'm not sure what could have caused this anyway as I don't think the software would have anything to do with that.


          After uninstalling did you run the MCPR removal tool and reboot afterwards?


          Technical Support might know, they are free to phone or you can use online chat and they are linked via Useful Links at the top of this page.


          Have you tried resetting IE?  (Tools/Internet Options/Advanced).


          If this is Windows 7 SP1 I strongly recommend you adopt IE11 rather than staying with IE10, it's more secure.

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            Hi Ex_Brit...By preview images.....when you do a search for something and the list of things you searched for appear..go up tp the top of the browser an you will see the words Web, images, maps, shopping, news, and more.  If you click the word "images" bunches of the images you searched for will appear.  If you click on an image, it is supposed to open a larger preview of that image you clicked on.  That does not happen after you uninstall McAfee.  Yes I uninstalled through the control panel and then ran the McAfee Removal tool..(MCPR) tool.  I am updating this post to let everyone know I have solved the problem.  I returned the computer to "out of the box" condition with the factory installed image.  After starting Windows for the first time and getting it up and running, I downloaded a free tool called Revo Uninstaller.  I used that tool to remove McAfee.  Once that was run I rebooted and now my IE browser operates as it should. Thanks for the opportunity to seek help here.


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              I haven't seem that problem myself with those images acting normally in mine, but had you decided to keep the software I'm sure that Technical Support would have been glad to help you with that problem, that's what they are there for after all.

              Make sure you update everything to the latest version after a factory reset.

              Good luck ;-)