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    Alerts for Communication Failure


      Dear All,


      I Would like to configure an email to EPO Administrators if an client is not communicating to the EPO Server for more than 7 days. Pl inform me in configuring the same.



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          Hi Sathish,


          From your query, there is no epo version, as I asuming it could be 4.5 or 4.6 and suggesting to run the query: MA: Agent Communication Summary".

          Which by default the creteria is last communication for 1 week.

          SO, you can create the server task by selecting the query and configure the email address and save the query and schedule it.


          So, as per schedule time, the query will run and will check last 7 days the machines communicated and will shows the out put as compliance and dnon-compliance.


          From the server task==Actions tab==to upgrade the =Actions as Run query and selct the query: "MA: Agent Communication Summary" and then sub actions: Email output.


          Note: Configure the email server with your smtp address fromt he

          Menu/Configuration/Server settings/ Email server and edit configure the email server and before adding the email address fromt he server task, do the test email for the same address and confirm test email received.


          Then click on run for the same server task to generate the out put as pdf, csv, xml as per the format selected.


          Note: make sure, From the server task==Actions tab, after selecting email= Export option with chart data and drill down tables" to get complete output of this query.


          I hope this helps to configure the task for expected results.