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    PDF tagging for PDFs resulted from a  webaplication




      I am trieing to tagg PDFs exported form an web application. And they are not tagged.


      For better understaning the problem is like this: I got an webapplication that  outputs .docxs and pdfs.

      I made a web application definiton pointing that application url, and a tagging rule to tagg all the files that are exported from that webapplication.

      When I export docx file form that webapplication, the filles are tagged as it should be. OK, until here.

      When I export pdfs,they are not !

      Are some problems with that type of file ? Some solution limitation ?


      I am using a DLPE 9.3 system managed by an ePO4.6.6 instance.


      Thanking you,

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          Please allow me to ask one question. You said you want to export a tagged PDF from web application and the tagged PDF does not refer to "Tagged PDF (PDF 1.4) is a stylized use of PDF that builds on PDF's logical structure framework.", right? So I wonder what is your tagging rule?

          Besides, compared to word file, PDF may need special permission to read and process PDF. So I think maybe you need to get the permission to access PDF file first. But this is just my personal assumption and I did not know whether it is right.