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    Out of Band actions as a policy


      Is there a way to enable OOB actions like perm PBA unlock via policy? Or is there a way to assign it to a tag?


      It seems like a management nightmare since there is no way to track what status the PBA is in after you send the command and it succeeds. 

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          Not sure if you have found this by now, or if this is all the help you need...  But under Queries and Reports there is the query called 'EE: Out-of-band action queue'.  Running that shows you the list of pending and permanent OOB actions.  If the 'persistence' is only a single event and not permanent, it will fall out of the queue after it has completed.  That is the short description, but hopefully that helps get you started.

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            I guess what i am looking for is a way to automate the OOB actions for EE.


            For instance,  lets say i want to be able to make a tag like "Unlocked PBA" and anything with that tag will have a perm unlocked PBA OOB action sent to it. I checked in policies, client tasks, and server tasks and i don't see anyway of making that happen.


            Just seems odd that i would have to manually go in and send the action to every device that needed it, especially when we are talking about 4000-5000 devices.