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    Microsoft IIS tilde directory enumeration


      Hi Team,

      We are working with two McAfee NSP Sensors 3050 and one McAfee NSP Manager 7.x.

      I was wondering if someone can help me and confirm if the following vulnerability is detected by the McAfee NIPS Sensor:


      Microsoft IIS tilde directory enumaration


      How can I confirm if indeed the NIPS is able to detect that attack and with what signature set??


      If there is a way to do a search through the list of signatures for McAfee NIPS it would help me greatly as well.


      In summary we have detected a critical server (that cannot be patched) to be vulnerable to that exploit and want to block it on the wire with the NIPS in front. Is that possible?


      Look forward to your comments.


      Kind Regards,


      Guillermo Cortez