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    Artemis Trojan infection detection


      Hello, I seem to have gotten an infection with a Trojan labeled Artemis. I ran a McAfree scan and this is the message I received.



      See your security history and which actions were recently taken on your PC.





      C:/Documents and Settings\Jay\Local Settings\Temp\Gex52Wc0.exe.part


      Threats Detected:

      Adware-DomalQ (Program), Artemis!2B541619D0E8 (Trojan)



      Threat Profile: Adware-DomaIQ




      When I go to the "Quarantined and Trusted Items" section of the McAfree Program, I find the items in there. Do I simply select all the quarantined items and delete them or maybe send it to McAfree? There are also items in the tab following it in the section called "Quarantined Potentially Unwanted Programs". I only ask before doing so that I don't make more problems as I am trying to resolve things. My computer hasn't acted strange sense 12/9/2012 when the infection occured.