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    Memory saturated - MFE S1104


      Hello guys,


      We recently had deployed a McAfee firewall S1104, is the first firewall installed in my company, so we can be some unexperienced. 


      We have experienced some problems with the performance of the firewall and the entire network, because the firewall´s memory usage is always about 90% and sometimes the firewall became unresponsive because the CPU usage is around 80% in addition.  I have been monitoring the system resources usage for 2 weeks through the GUI and the same behavior is present.


      We have modified the AC Rules applying the Default App Defense with the same results.  I have installed a sniffer to listen all the traffic to the firewall interfase, and now is running to collect the information related.



      Any idea?

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          How many clients are you protecting behind your S1104?


          You may be misinterpreting the memory usage, so you can look at this article:

          Explanation of Memory Usage Shown in the Output of top KB64409 kc.mcafee.com


          Can you send the following output:


          top -SH





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            Thank you Matt for your early response!!


            I am protecting 3 VLANs behind the firewall.   The VLAN for the internal users (around 50 clients),  the VLAN of the video and physical access control to the building, and the VLAN for wifi connections to the visitors.


            We are running on V8.3.


            Follows the output of the command requested.



            and some minutes later ...


            Any suggestion?


            Thanks in advance.



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              We are thinking that your firewall might be spawning too many processes based on the "Approaching the limit on PV entries" error.


              Can you send us the output of 'pss'?


              There might be a problem with your sendmail configuration that is causing a loop. Have you modified sendmail at all recently? If sendmail has spawned way too many processes, you can limit sendmail to 50 processes by following the KB:


              kc.mcafee.com KB62997



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                Thank you Matt.


                I performed the changes to limit sendmail to 50 processes as mentioned.


                Tomorrow morning I´ll send you the output of pss command.


                I have an additional doubt.  We don´t have an internal mail server.  I mean, we are using a POP3 mail server hosted on the cloud.  Even that, is necessary to configure the sendmail or smtp proxy on the appliance?


                Thanks in advance



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                  Hello Matt,


                  Yesterday we were  monitoring the firewall behavior, and nothing changed after to update applied to the parameter on the sendmail config file.


                  This morning these were all the errors messages on the appliance screen.


                  follows the output of the pss command




                  Please advice.



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                    There are definetly too many sendmail processes spawned, but not enough I think to cause this problem.


                    I am in training today and it is going to be hard to respond. I suggest opening a ticket with support and they can do a remote session and figure out what is happening and prevent it from occuring.



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                      OK, I´ll do.