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    Agent Failed to Communicate with epo Server - IP Issue ?




      We have a small amount of agents within our business that do not seem to want to communicate with the epo server.


      In the agent log it reports 'Agent failed to communicate with epo Server '   this is highlighted in Red.


      In the server.log file on the epo server  you get the following text


      20131209090212 I #05024 NAIMSRV  Received [FullProps] from SUN-PC-003440:{3A3FC554-9F93-4DD4-A11A-03083953075D}

      20131209090212 I #05024 NAIMSRV  Processing agent props for SUN-PC-003440(3A3FC554-9F93-4DD4-A11A-03083953075D)

      20131209090212 E #05024 NAIMSRV  props_SendSiteinfoIni - The agent had no defined IP.

      20131209090212 E #05024 NAIMSRV  Unable to determine agent version for agent with GUID {3A3FC554-9F93-4DD4-A11A-03083953075D}.  Not generating tasks or policies.

      20131209090212 E #05024 NAIMSRV  Failed to process props response for agent SUN-PC-003440


      Anyone seen this before, I have re-installed the client and its made no difference. There appears to be no difference in the PC builds to other working units.


      I have tried everything I can think off short of re-imaging the end pc's (which I am reluctant to do).


      Any ideas ?


      epo Server version 4.6.6

      Agent Version