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    Cannot Uninstall McAfee Anti-Theft on Asus Windows 8 Laptop




      I recently purchased a refurbished windows 8 asus laptop.  I went through all the windows setup, and at no point did I register with McAfee with any anti virus or anti theft.  Now, wanting to uninstall my McAfee trial version I have run into an issue


      I ran the windows uninstall utility and it uninstalled most of the program, but there are stil some elements left over.  When i run the removal tool from McAfee's website, it says that McAfee Anti-theft is still installed and I cannot perform the uninstall


      1) How do I remove McAfee Anti-Theft?

      I read through your FAQ, and it says to log into my account associated with McAfee and this Laptop. Well, I never registered or signed up for McAfee on this laptop.  So there is no account. I made this account a few minutes ago to try and get this issue resolved.


      2) How do I uninstall completely?


      3) How could McAfee Anti-Theft be registered without me ever signing up?



      It's important that i get this resolved ASAP.  If someone could contact me via private message, email, or on these forums to help me solve this; it would be greatly appreciated.



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