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    Anti theft - can't uninstall




      Can't uninstall Anti theft through Control panel.

      Got message "unable to remove software"


      ESU otput:

      Intel(R) Enrollment Status Utility for Anti-Theft Services v1.0.0.1
              AT Enrollment Code     = 1
              AT Enrollment Status   = Not Enrolled


      Error in McUICnt000.log:

      12/08/2013 06:26:02 PM$ -- (Error)$ [   McBrwsr2.dll]$ The parameter name wasn't found!
      12/08/2013 06:26:02 PM$ -- (Error)$ [   McBrwsr2.dll]$ Exiting - FAILED


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          Peter M

          Best to contact Technical Support which has a special phone number for Anti-Theft as follows:


          From Russia, dial 8-10-8002-5851044
          Language: Russian
          Support hours: 06:00 - 18:00 Local Moscow time, Monday - Friday




          But as they are not available until tomorrow I will send a message to my contact in support to see if they can intercede here before tomorrow..






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            Hi agusha,


            Try un-installing using command prompt by following the below steps,


            1) Goto the location where McAfee Anti Theft is installed where you will find uninstaller located.


            2) Copy the location of the uninstaller and Start cmd as Administrator.


            3) Use cd command to navigate to the location of uninstaller


            4) Type the unistall command and hit enter.


            Let me know if this helps in uninstalling.

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              Hi agusha,


              I see that you had been given a set of steps to follow to resolve the issue that you have with Intel Anti-theft software.


              Please let us know if these steps helped you to resolve the issue that you were facing. If it did not, please let us know the status so that we can provide additional help if required.



              Pritish P.