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    newbie question on how to get/download all the clients under particular group


      Hi All,

      I am trying to get used to the API's  I was able to get the systegroups ( used system.findGroups). Now I need to get the machines


      Command used was :


      curl -k -u user:passwd "https://SERVER:8443/remote/system.findGroups"



      listed under a particular group.




      groupId: 9999

      groupPath: My Organization\Test Group.


      Also Is it possible to get the Date/time of the system when they were added to that group?


      Example  : system A, B, C, D  added to  Test Group  on Dec 1 , 2 , 3 . 4 respectively


      So the O/p should be


      System name                Date or time when it was added/moved/tagged into Test Group


      A                                    Dec 1 2013

      B                                     Dec 2 2013

      C                                   Dec 3 2013

      D                                   Dec 4 2013


      Requesting answer either in Script  or Curl. Thanks !!








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