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    Live Safe - Dell Real Time Scan Failured - Computer at Risk


      Bought a notebook from Dell with a 3 year McAfee licence in August/2013 running on Windows 8 platform. Dell took several days to deliver. Computer works fine. However in general application always have more problems.


      I have gone to the McAfee console window and have seem that the real time scan feature was active and running nicely.


      I did some shreder in data in the waste basket for a while and ran scan.


      Howeever suddenly i have realized that my real time scan was indeed OFF


      A message was displayed sometimes that my PC was in risk and have desapeared.


      Not sure why I reach this issue !!!



      When I looked at the seven windows (square blocks ) under the mcAfee rectangle few minutes later and read the window located just at the  left handside on the monitor , which is called VIRUS AND SPYWARE PROTECTION,   I could see this real time scan status changing from the statuses  "  being   initiating... "  and moving suddenly to " OFF. ""


      This keeps going forever. A McAfee Support Service have asked me to download the McAfee Technician  and before running this agent, to unmark ALERT PROTECTION from the GENERAL CONFIGURATION AND ALERTS window !!  BUT I DO consider a high risky action to unmark  ALERT PROTECTION.


      I have ran the McAfee technician (without disabling alert protection) and the preliminary problem mentioned above is still around .



      Reading support Knowledge Base, there is no solution to such problem with Windows 8.



      Would McAfee support or other SME´s guided me.  Why this issues happen ? When a Windows 8 solution will be available ?: Does unmarking ALERT PROTECTION is a crazy atitude to pursue???