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    Routing with Firewall



      Until now we're using the MFE to route between vlan interfaces where primary IP addresses are the default gateway of PC's on the respective networks. Each vlan interface is "tied" to a different Zone so we don't have an "Intra-zone forwarding" case. Till now everything is OK with routing functionality.


      Two already existing networks that were routed by a Layer 3 LAN Switch were decided to be routed by the firewall. The L3 switch is using Vlan tagging. A few days ago two vlan interfaces and rules were configured to allow traffic between networks, pretty much the same I as described before, but in this case we use an Alias IP address of vlan interface as default gateway for PC's. Then we started to see some client/server broken sessions and packet loss when running Ping between PC's of these new configured networks and no evidence on firewall that suggested any problem on it.

      We should focus on networking troubleshooting but an idea came across my mind and my question is: Did anybody experience a problem as described before when using an Alias IP address as default gateway?


      Thanks in advance.