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    Windows 8 - Uninstalling McAfee AT issues


      Hi Nehal


      We recently added a Sony VAIO Duo 13 with Win8 to our office computers.  It came with MAT installed for a trial period.  After setting up some software, including SQL Server 2008 R2 Express, which was working well, we accepted Microsoft's offer to install Win8.1. 


      That was a total disaster with several compatibility issues.  We returned to Win8 using a system refresh and have had some success getting everyting running again.  We do not want MAT and uninstalled it, using the control panel removal tool. 


      There is no easily recognisable sign of a McAfee program in the control panel program list, but a quick look at the task manager shows McAfee (3.3MB) and McAfee Service Host (2) (1MB) running. 


      To complete the clean up, we downloaded the McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool (MCPR) and ran it getting an error message stating it cannot run until the intel anti-theft tool is removed.  A return to the control panel shows only a few intel programs, none of which look like they have anything to do with the anti-theft software.  Can you please help us to get rid of the anti-theft program and MCPR working?





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