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    Upgrade 2 MWG in cluster mode.



      I’m on theprocess to upgrade 2 MWG appliances from 7.2x to, both appliances are joinedin Central Management Cluster. Let’s say mwg01(master node) y mwg02.

      I’ve acouple of questions that I want to clarify, (please help me with the right answers) in order to prevent any issue during thesoftware upgrade.


      By taking a backup file from management cluster, I’m only allowed to take a backup filefrom mwg01 since it is the master node. (My understanding is that from thisbackup file I will only be usable at appliance mwg01, (since it was obtained from), so, what if the the other appliance (mwg02) crashesduring the upgrade? What I understand is that this backup file won’t be usablefor appliance mwg02, since this backup file contains information related tomwg01. (Am I right?)

      So in orderto avoid the mentioned above, I will proceed as follow.

      1. - Take abackup file from central management.

      2. - FromCentral Management, delete the mwg02.

                      a) Login to mwg01 & take abackup file.

      b) Login to mwg02 & take a backup file.

      3. - Proceed to upgrade mwg01 and then proceed to upgrade to mwg02.

      (Ifanything goes wrong (hopefully not) J I will need to reimage theappliance with the same software version and being able to restore the backupfile for each appliance using their corresponding backup file). Please correctme if I could be wrong.

      4. - Finally, once the appliances are fully upgraded then login to mwg01 (masternode), and add the mwg02 appliance.


      A backupfile obtained from 7.2.x version can be imported on a reimage installation withversion


      Thank you in advance..