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    Reconfigure SMTP Configuration


      Hi, I'm trying to reconfigure SMTP configuration and change the smtp server information. When I tried to do that I received and error message like "mail is still queued: dequeue it o flush it".

      In /var/mail I see two files "admin" and "ccfwadmin". In those files are all the mails notifications appended.


      How can I do to flush o dequeue those mails? Thanks!


      I attach an screen-shot



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          The files in /var/mail (they are text files) are the mailboxes of the on-box firewall users.


          The mail that goes through Sendmail as is queued up is in /var/spool in the mqueue directories.  There are mqueue.c and usually mqueue.1 and mqueue.2 directories there.  The c, 1, and 2 stand for 'common' and then the two burb/zone index numbers where sendmail is running.  You can 'cd' into each of those directories simply do an 'rm' on those files (rm *) and then you can change your SMTP mode.

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            I tried to erase files as you suggested but I received a permission denied message, because "root" is the owner, what can I do?


            By the way from CC I didn't find how reconfigure sendmail profile where is the "sendmail properties" button on Admin Console. Can I do it from CC?


            Thanks very very much!



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              You should not be getting denied. Are you certain that you are in the mqueue directory?


              I found that if you double click on the firewall in CC, on the General tab you can see a Mail Configuration where you can change the SMTP mode.



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                Hi Matt, thanks for your reply.

                I was kicked out as admn and I was in user role, my mistake sorry! 


                By the way I need to change smtp server address information and from General tab on CC apparently I can change only SMTP mode and Internal SMTP zone configuration there is no way no enter smtp server address information.




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                  Ok, so in order to change the smtp server address, you can modify the Internal Sendmail Server Mailer Table file. You just need to modify the address/name after "smtp:". Example below:


                  test.com    smtp:mail.test.com   

                  test.com    smtp:mail.test.com


                  Could be changed to:


                  test.com    smtp:newmail.test.com   

                  test.com    smtp:newmail.test.com


                  Remember that if you use an ip address, you need to put it in square brackets []



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                    after change configuration as you suggested do I have to stop/start any mailer deamond or proccess in order to firewall begins to send email notifications?


                    Thanks very much!

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                      The process of pushing from CC should rebuild the sendmail files and restart sendmail, but if you ever needed to do this manually, you could run:


                      cf sendmail rebuild

                      cf daemond restart agent=sendmail



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                        Hi Matt,

                        I issued the commands you suggested on Friday but nothing happened on weekend, I have no notifications from firewall in my inbox. I think I better open a SR, what do you think?

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                          Opening an SR is not a bad idea. There are a few commands you can run to see where/if the mail is 'stuck':


                          less /var/log/maillog



                          Hope this helps,