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    Mcafee agent events and automatic responds

      Hi all.


      I use ePO on windows 2008 r2 and install several mcafee agents on clients with windows xp.

      I want to recieve automatic respond  when a user log on to client.


      I configured automatic response with the following parameters:

           event group - ePO notification events

           event type - client

           filter - event description - user logged on

           action - send e-mail


      But it doesn't work - I didn't receive an e-mail.


      If I go to server settings-event filtering then I see "user logged on" event checked.

      But I even don't see this events from client in system tree-client-action-see client events.


      What should I do to see this events and recieve automatic responds?

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          Same problem here.  I have ePO 4.6.6 and set up an email alert when event 1096 is generated on an client with Win 2008 R2. I generate an event 1096 by telnetting from the server via port 25 and VSE blocks it OK. The event is logged in ePO under the right client, but no email is sent.


          Appreciate any help.

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            Hi Guys,


            Please confirm the test email is successful as per the document attached.


            If the VSE is blocking the port 25, exclude the process name as it is blocking, by checking from the AP log.

            Generally, we have seen "Edgetransport.exe is blocking", You can exclude this process or uncheck the block option for the AP category: Antivirus standard protection and the rule: Prevent mass mailing from block.


            >> Then do the mail test connection from epo console.


            Menu/Configuration/Server settings/ email server.





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              Connection to smtp server is ok, I tested it.

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                Problem is not in e-mailing - it works fine.




                It seems to me that agent doesn't even register such events, that's why I don't see them in "system tree-client-action-see client events".

                And event  "user logged on" is just an example. I see a lot of events checked in "server settings-event filtering", so the same question - where are they all? I don't see them in agent events too.


                Should I configure something for agent to register such events?


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