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    New Asus laptop with bloatware


      Hey guys I have a problem with McAfee removal tool. I am getting incomplete uninstallation message for anti theft software. Now this crap came preinstalled I never created an account (this will be a gift for a relative and I want to make sure all bloatware has been removed). I have run MCPR.exe on many new computers (doing tech support for my friends) and never had any issues. I always remove the software via Uninstall a program in control panel and run MCPR.exe, reboot and run it one more time. I do the same with Norton bloatware.


      I need to know how to remove every trace of any McAfee software and if this is not possible please let me know so I can return the laptop. This was my first Asus laptop and from the looks of it my last. Thank you.

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          MCPR will not work when it detects anti theft. I have pinged a tech to assist you

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            Not sure if this is going to work for everyone but it worked for me.


            First I run regedit.exe and searched for 'mcafee' and deleted almost every key/value except for trusted certificates entry.  While reading the registry keys I found some entries that looked interesting. Editing your registry is risky and you should do it on your own risk. Maybe you should try the next step first, it's up to you. 



            Sorry for the next part I did not take screenshots or write down exact file names. In File Explorer click on Options and check Hidden files. On C: you will see Program Data folder, click on it, you will see McAfeeEx folder, click on it, click on Uninstall folder and you will see 2 applications and some setup config files. I clicked on each of the setup config files (except for the one that was listed on top, cant remember the name but if you open it it looks like it's installing stuff not removing it) and draged them over (Un)install app, once you see open with install app, release the mouse button. You will see a UAC prompt if you have it enabled but there will be no messages of any kind after. I rebooted my laptop after that and run the removal tool successfully. rebooted once more and re run the tool without any problems.


            PS I guess their tech support matches their crappy software.

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              Hi bluecheese81,


              Glad that it worked for you..! However did you make sure the device is not enrolled with the Antitheft service..! Changing the registry settings with the device enrolled will cause serious problems with regards to stability.


              Please Note that Anti-theft Service is not installed on your HDD and can lock from BIOS level. Deleting reg entries might run the MCPR but not remove the AT service completely.

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                So how can I completely remove the AT stuff from BIOS? I hope you will reply quickly because I may be already past the return period for this laptop. Also what idiot thought this was a good idea? I mean bloatware is here to stay sadly but this is taking it to a new level. I have never purchased a subscription or software just because it came pre-installed as a trial. I have never paid full price  buying directly from the company because you can get the same software for like $15 on Amazon or Newegg.

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                  Anti theft is part of the BIOS - it can't be removed. All you can do is turn it off.


                  You don't think it's a good feature to be able to lock your machine (and prevent your photos, tax records, email, passwords etc being seen by anyne else) permanently if it's stolen?

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                    I don't think it's a good idea to add 'features' that cannot be removed and not label the product before the sale so the potential buyer knows what she or he is getting. I sure hope this service is free for people who decide to use it but I don't really care either way. I do tech support for my friends family and the best tool made by McAfee is MCPR.exe. I have used it many times and this was the first time I was not able to just use the tool and get rid of McAfee crap from a computer.



                    When I buy a laptop I know it will come with bloatware and as long as I can remove it I'm OK with that. I will not give a penny to McAfee and the security software I buy I buy from third party resellers and never more than 25% of the full retail price. Currently this laptop has Bullguard Internet Security 3yrs fr $30. Security companies pretty much stopped providing support unless you pay them to troubleshoot so I see no reason to pay more than $20/yr for their software. I never allow auto renewal so I don't get ripped off. Personally I think McAfee security is a joke and one of the worst security companies out there. I don't want McAfee crap on my computer period.



                    Take a look at these






                    So McAfee labels these as safe completely ignoring what people have to say?

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                      We'll, I'm glad MCPR worked for you.

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                        Peter M

                        It certainly appears from reading this section that someone, somewhere, should do a better job of pointing out the feature and how to handle it to new purchasers of laptops    Intel incorporate the AT chip into most new laptop motherboards now, so it's not just software-based, but hardware too.


                        I don't agree that McAfee is "one of the worst security companies out there' as you state as the reviews simply don't bear that out and considering the several hundred million customers they have, the few complaints here don't mean the product is inferiror.  All it means is that some people are having problems with it for whatever reason.


                        As far as Siteadvisor is concerned, although the system is mainly automated, it does also rely heavily on user feedback, so complaining about mislabelling here wont help, but giving feedback will.   Wrong green ratings are just as common as wrong red ones and, from what I've seen, that problem isn't just confined to McAfee, but all of the like applications from other manufacturers.


                        Edit:  For any newcomers to this thread,  MCPR is NOT to be used to remove MAT software, it simply isn't designed for that.
















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