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    Issues deploying VSE 8.8 with ePO 5.0.1


      We recently upgraded from ePO 4.6 to ePO 5.0.1 and now we are wanting to have VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 installed on all client machines. There are two "training rooms" that we are using as a testing area and I have also set up two machines next to me to test with ePO. I created a Product Deployment task for VSE 8.8 and assigned it to a group I created for the two test machines near me. Both test machines were running VSE 8.7i at the time. Once I deployed the task it was able to successfully uninstall version 8.7i and install 8.8 in its place. However, when I try to send this task to the groups I created for the "training rooms" it fails. The first two "bars" in the status will turn green and then the final one will go red. I am using the same task, just assigning it to a different group. I have included a log below from one of the client machines in the training labs when I tried to "Collect and Send Props" and it failed to install VIRUSCAN8800.


      FYI: All machines in the training room ARE "Managed" and have the McAfee Agent installed on them. Also, I am able to ping those machines.